The Art of Fire (online): $149

INSTRUCTOR: Creek Stewart

FIRE is the definitive survival skill.  I'm often asked, "If there is one survival skill that makes the most difference, what is it?"  After studying 100s of real life survival scenarios all over the world, my answer is always FIRE. 

The Art of Fire is a 10-week online fire training course where I deliver some of the most extensive and thorough fire starting and building instruction available in the world today.

This course features over 40 exclusive training videos (not available or seen ANYWHERE else) and downloadable worksheets, as well as supply lists to build your own Master Resource Binder at home.  Below are just a few of the lessons you can expect to see:

• Flint, Steel, and Other Tiny Sparks
• 5 Solar Fire Starts
• The Apache Match and Other Fire Carry Methods
• Fire Starting Hacks from PRISON
• Fire From Water
• 4 Mistakes You’re Making with a Ferro Rod
• The Undisputed Perfect Every Day Carry Fire Kit (NEVER SEEN BEFORE)
• 3 Ways to Start a Fire with Your Car
• The Top 3 Survival Fire Lays You Must Know
• Harvesting for Friction Fire
• Master the Bow Drill
• Standing Bow Drill (for those who can’t kneel)
• Master Cinder-Rolla
• Bow Drill Secrets “The Experts” Aren’t Telling You
• Off the Land Bow Drill with NO KNIFE

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