What's Creek Stewart's Net Worth?


So, you want to know my net worth, huh?

I think it's best for me to first define how I measure net worth - at least for myself.  Our definitions might be slightly different ;)

I don't measure my net worth in dollars.  I learned a long time ago that serving people and adding value to their lives make me much happier than dollars.  I measure my own net worth by the cumulative lasting value that I leave with the people whom I teach.  My life's mission is to teach survival skills to as many people as possible.  I love teaching survival skills because I believe they matter.  It is my hope that the skills I teach and share will make a positive difference in the lives of other people.  My net worth grows with every skill I teach and I hope to die rich in having left behind a worthwhile legacy of lasting value in the form of life-saving survival skills.

As a survival instructor, I wouldn't sleep well tonight if I let you leave here without giving you more than just my definition of net worth.  My life's mission is teach survival skills to as many people as possible - and, hopefully, that includes you, too!

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