What's Creek Stewart's Real Name?


So, you want to know if Creek is my real name, huh?

We have a tradition in our family to name the boys after where they were born.  It worked out pretty well for me, but my brother got the short end of the stick.  His name is Elevator.

So was I really born in a creek?

No, Creek is a nick-name given to me by my Grandfather.  It seems I spent a lot of time in the creek when I was a boy and every time my family needed to know where I was at, they looked to the creek.  Before long, they just started calling me that.  It suits me.  Ironically, with my profession, I still spend most of my time in a creek somewhere.  I've often said that my Grandfather defined my destiny with that name and he'd get a real kick out of what I've decided to do with my life.

So what's my given name?  Since you've searched for this on-line, I don't want to leave you empty handed.  So, I'll answer your question with a bit of a quiz.  It's the first book in the New Testament.  No, it's not GENESIS - I said the New Testament.

As a survival instructor, I wouldn't sleep well tonight if I let you leave here without giving you more than just my name.  My life's mission is teach survival skills to as many people as possible - and, hopefully, that includes you, too!

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