FREE Flint & Steel Firestarting Mini-Class

Creek teaches how to start a fire with Flint & Steel + how to make your own Char Cloth!

Creek’s Flint & Steel Kit is available for purchase below if you don’t already have a Flint & Steel Fire Starting Kit of your own.

Creek's Flint & Steel Kit

Start fire “the old way” with Creek’s Flint & Steel Kit. This kit includes everything you need to master the art of Flint & Steel Firelighting as soon as it shows up in the mail:

  • Hand Forged Carbon Steel Striking Bar

  • Big ol’ Chunk of Kentucky Flint with lots of sharp striking edges

  • 4” Diameter metal tin for storage & for making char cloth

  • 3” x .75” Carbon Steel Striking Rod with lanyard hole

  • 12” Jute Twine for making tinder bundle

  • 4 pieces CHAR ROPE for using as striking tinder as soon as you get the kit

  • 4 pieces cotton cloth to use to make your own char cloth

  • Cotton Canvas drawstring storage bag (that you could char in an emergency)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t LOVE this kit - we will replace it or refund your money.

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